Say Goodbye to all of the Good Stuff

When I was pre-op still and considering doing this surgery, one of my biggest fears was that I would no longer be able to enjoy the good stuff.  The reality is that the good stuff just got new names.  Donuts and cake get swapped for yogurt and sugar free jello.

With weight loss surgery comes one major defining reality.  NO MORE SUGAR OR HONEY. No more adding a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.  No more adding honey to my tea.  This does not mean that I cannot have foods with natural sugars like fruits, or that I have to have bland and tasteless foods for my diet.

In the evenings I love to have a bowl of plain yogurt with a tablespoon of sugar free preserves.  It gives the yogurt the fruit flavor and intensity without adding sugar to sweeten it.  I still tend to add a packet of Stevia to it to make it just the right sweetness.

I also love fruit.  Apples are an awesome food, full of sweetness, and as an added bonus, they are great fiber for the body.  Cherries are probably my total downfall, as they are so awesome, but they slide right on past my pouch with ease so I have to limit myself to about 10 or 15 at the maximum if I do not want to go too high on my carb counts.

I have made amazing meals that are full of spice and natural sweetness and I do not miss having the sugar and the honey.  My hubby made chili last night and it was delicious.  Other nights we have had steak with vegetables or salmon with the perfect twist of lemon and a side of quinoa.

Reality is that I am learning a whole new way of eating and living.  I am learning to cut back on quantity because my pouch is finicky if I eat too much.  I am learning how to eat differently and what seasonings I can use to flavor my foods so that I do not go without flavor.

I just have to think differently, and so can you.


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  1. You’re doing really well already making these steps. It’s so hard to do and soon it’ll just become natural and part of your routine 🙂


  2. gregg says:

    its a tough trek up that sugar free hill- but it looks like you have your crampons on tight. i like to have a n emergency bag of jelly babies on stand by – a couple a day does the trick.


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