OMG, I have a Lump on my Side!

I woke my husband up last night to check out a lump on my left side.  It was about 1:00 am and it was something he definitely needed to see.  I have friends dealing with cancer and tumors and I take nothing lightly anymore.  If something doesn’t feel right, I don’t ignore it, thinking it will go away.  Nope.  I get it checked.

So I was watching the Democratic National Convention and hubby had gone to bed.  The convention was over and I was watching the MSNBC crew talk about the convention and I checked to make sure I had the right amount of protein and liquids for the day.  Well, I needed 22 more grams of protein so I decided to have some milk and some cheese to finish off my protein requirements for the day.

I went to the kitchen and got my protein requirements going and I had my hand on my left side of my belly and I felt this really hard lump.  It went from my front to my backside and I started to get worried.  Two people I know have tumors or had them removed.  This was scaring me.  I poked and prodded and rubbed around and suddenly I started laughing hysterically.

That lump was my hip bone.  My weight loss is starting to show.  I have a lump on my right side too.  OMG, I have hip bones that are near the surface.

I ran into the bedroom where hubby had just crawled back into bed after a trip to the bathroom and I made him feel those lumps.  Two of them.  Two gorgeous, amazing lumps. I didn’t tell him what the one lump was at first and he had a worried look on his face. Then I put his hand on both of my hips and he smiled, “You have hips, honey!” he said to me. He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss, his hands enjoying my newfound hips.

Finding your hip bones after so many years of plushness hiding them is an exciting moment.  I am excited.  I have hip bones I can feel.



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