I Saw My Reflection Today

I am 5′ 8″ tall (unless you ask my doctor and then I am 5′ 7 3/4″ tall, but hey 5′ 8″ is so much easier to say and type).  I started this journey at 316 pounds.  At last weigh in I was right at 260 pounds.  I have been busy doing much more in life like exercising and just generally keeping busy.

Today I went out to Starbucks.  Bob wanted more coffee and I could get 125 extra points if I bought three bags of coffee, so off I went to the store.  Their front window is this large plate of glass and as I walked past it I looked up at my reflection.

Now, at 260 pounds I am certainly not skinny.  I am certainly not fit.  I am certainly nowhere near where I want to be; however, the girl staring back at me had some cute curves going on.  My chest sticks out further than my stomach, even in this frumpy sports bra I am wearing.  My butt has some kickass curves, and my legs are getting more slender every day.

…And when I got inside, I found out that I had enough stars saved up to get a free drink, so sugar free latte it was.  Mmmmmmm



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