The Joys of Dumping

“Dumping?  What the heck is that?” you ask.

Dumping is that (NOT) joyous event in your post weight loss surgery life where your body is explaining to you in a not so gentle way that you ate the wrong food and you should stick to the plan your doctor gave you.

Dumping comes in a few forms, but it seems that most people who dump go through a phase of nausea, sweating, hot, cold, pain, being faint, feeling like they are dying, and sometimes even diarrhea and vomiting.

Typically dumping happens when we eat foods that have too high of a sugar content.  Sugar and honey can both cause the dumping syndrome and it is best to just avoid processed foods that are high in sugar content.

Fruits that have natural sugars are processed differently in the body and more slowly so fresh fruits in moderation are typically fine.  Dried fruits, canned fruits, and fruit juice typically have higher sugar content and we should stay away from them as a general rule.

I have tried canned mandarin oranges made with Splenda and they were fine, but I also ate just a couple pieces at a time.

So, if you don’t want to experience feeling like death warmed over while dumping, don’t eat sugar laden foods.




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